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Find any location with pinpoint accuracy

Netwake specializes in the needs of users
with complex workflows and large volumes of data

Tailored to the data forwarding of pinpointed acquisition, our generic POI (Point of Interest) system, which the customer can easily adapt to individual needs. This enables events or location data to be recorded on the move and forwarded to the server in real time. There, a comprehensive processing and interface system accesses commercial software for accounting, databases, GIS applications, as well as a web portal for the primary processing of your data.

Articles written by our customers (in German):

POI – Point of Interest

POI – Point of Interest is our solution for digitizing objects, events or workflows in a localized manner. Individually determined events are recorded mobile and directed in real time to the server and thus to the web interface. There they can be sorted, filtered, saved and exported in a comprehensive editing module. Our interface concept allows the transfer of the data into individual application programs.

Mobile features:

  • capture any object to the nearest centimeter with a fingertip
  • entry in individually created forms
  • selection from individually created master data lists
  • attach photos, send PDF files, create individual selection lists
  • from automatically generated information (latitude / longitude, nature reserve, parcel number), automatically fill in the fields of a form
  • synchronize directly, in real time, with the web portal
  • “buddy” function for exchange and synchronization of information between the smartphones of a group and the web portal in real time
  • card storage on micro SD card: working without a mobile network shortfall, with network contact missing information is automatically transferred
  • any, individual or customer-related map Layers are installable – biotope mapping, SIB stations, police stations, parcels with numbers and color differentiation from private and public, aerial photos, road information database


Presentation of the position with additional cards overlay like here: Parcels
Example, how to move a position on the tablet


Web portal features:

With a comprehensive editing module, your collected data can be sorted, filtered, stored and exported. Our interface concept allows the transfer of the data into individual application programs.


  • Creation of a standard report, a standard table (Excel compatible) eg for billing
  • tailor-made form letters, which are automatically filled with the respective information
  • Forward data by e-mail
  • Insert photos
  • Attach PDF
  • Create a geofence and attribute them
  • Alarm rules inform by sms on certain incidents
  • many more features






  • tree control
  • documenting advertising equipment
  • route inspection
  • accident scene examination
  • building control
  • playground inspection
  • watercours documentation
  • civil engineering
  • facility management


The collaboration of browser and / or tablet / smartphone runs in real time and media break free

Time and service recording Z&L for municipalities

Another product of NetwakeVision is the time and performance tracking Z&L for municipalities. Here the TvöD is stored in the device beforehand. Various interfaces address common accounting programs such as LuKas and SAP.
The interfaces include GIS information to bespoke systems via the BAPI, WFS or REST functions.