Mobile connection

Find any location with pinpoint accuracy

The Netwake generic system allows you to work differently depending on your needs and application.

Private use

Professional use

Hobby / private use

For personal use we have developed a simple application based on the latest Android version. Intuitively, you can store and manage photos and information for the location.

Any locations can be determined with pinpoint accuracy. Applications include geocaching, landmark finding, forestry etc.

This is how received forms look location-based in the application. By touching the symbol, the respective stored attributes, images and data are opened.

The business version for complex administrative processes and work planning

Forestry has been part of Netwake’s customer base right from the start, so we are constantly adjusting our equipment to difficult conditions in the forest. We now achieve an accuracy of + – 0.5 meters in the forest with our new RoyalFix.

Planning of complicated and in constantly changing requirements, we offer the forestry sector, the extended version of the Android application with a link to our extensive web browser portal.

Forestry apprentices at the bark beetle search with the RoyalFix