Zentimetergenaue Positionserfassung für Android Smartphones und Tablets

Precise detection

Maximum accurate position detection in the cm range, with mobile network contact, even under unfavorable satellite reception conditions

Mobile linking

View, edit and save captured places with an intuitive app on Android smartphones and tablets

Easy activation

Operation and connection via Bluetooth LE

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Product Overview

The acquisition maximization of your Android smartphone is guaranteed via the RoyalFix (Rover), the RoyalBase (reference station) and an intuitive app on your smartphone.

The correction data can be used by RoyalBase or, depending on the state, by internet-based NTRIP data correction services, like SAPOS. These services usually charge a fee.



Mobile unit that uses a Bluetooth LE connection to provide the tablet or smartphone with the highly accurate position.



Transmitting unit of correction data. Permanently installed or movable.


Mobile application

Intuitively operable, simple app to display the recorded points.

Mobile App

The accuracy of our RoyalGPS products

The Rover RoyalFix is the mobile position supplier and connects to the tablet via Bluetooth. The RoyalFix receives the correction data from RoyalBase over internet (via tablet). The position gets an accuracy of up to 0.01m + 1ppm CEP.

Real-Time Kinematics (RTK)

is a method for the precise determination of position coordinates with methods of satellite navigation as typically used by surveying offices. The precise positions are measured relative to a reference station (RoyalBase, SAPOS, etc.) whose coordinates are precisely determined. This method achieves a location determination in the centimeter range under open sky. In optimal conditions, our RTK GPS system measures with an accuracy of up to 14 mm + 1ppm CEP in the horizontal and vertical dimensions.

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